on a pathway to change.

I am a clinical psychologist who works to help people of all ages navigate and process their current/past relationships, conflicts, difficulties, and life changes, so they can live the life they want with better balance and understanding.

Find out what works for you. I encourage and welcome anyone who is seeking therapy.

Grand Rapids Therapist

Going to therapy is important.

Deciding to seek out a therapist can be challenging in itself but finding one with who you can connect with and relate to may be what ends up stalling you on your pathway to change. I provide a relaxing and laid back atmosphere where I encourage clients to be themselves. When you come to see Dr. Taylor it will not feel like you are going to yet another doctor’s appointment. I strive to make my therapy approach one where individual’s look forward to coming to that is safe, warm, and an interpersonal approach where it does not feel like a doctors appointment at all.

Therapy Services

Play Therapy

Play has the way of connecting us to others, stimulates exploration and problem solving, helps relieves stress, gets us through boredom, and can help balance out our emotions. Learn More >

Walk + Talk Therapy

Taking an active approach and connecting with one’s environment can help achieve a better and healthier balance in your life. Learn More >

Grand Rapids Therapist

What to expect.

Individuals I see come from all walks of life and backgrounds from those who are single, married, divorced, or partnered. I encourage and welcome anyone who is seeking therapy.


Because depression, anxiety, life transitions,
addictions and more don’t need to hold you
back from enjoying your life.

Grand Rapids Therapist


I treat individuals age five and older dealing with a wide array of ailments.

Grand Rapids Therapist


Grand Rapids Therapist


I work with you to create the therapy sessions you need.

Grand Rapids Therapist
Grand Rapids Therapist

Get Started.

I think everyone at some point in their lives may need someone to help them process what they are going through. That’s what I’m here for. Get started by filling out my Therapy Intake Form, this give me a starting point to help direct our first session. Have questions? Contact me! I look forward to meeting you.