Grand Rapids Therapist

Family Therapy

Whether we like to admit or not we are genetically bound to our family members. Sure, they can irritating, embarrassing, even dysfunctional, but they are still family. You may be struggling to trust or relate to one another feeling isolated in a home full of people. You are not alone as many of today’s families also find themselves going through this same scenario. With the pressures, demands, and distractions continuing to increase seemingly every year, it’s not surprising that a growing number of us may feel disengaged and distant from loved ones in our family.

Family therapy will allow you a neutral, relaxed, and safe environment to process and explore family dynamics that are causing distress and/or conflict. Identifying unhealthy family patterns and I will work hard to ensure each family member feels heard and given space to openly discuss their side of the issue. We will identify unhealthy boundaries and family patterns and together re-establish a more effective way of communicating within your family dynamic. Family therapy can also be a great way to assist with changes and adjustments within one’s family such as divorce, living as a single parent, and issues that arise in blended families.