Grand Rapids Therapist

Walk & Talk Therapy

Taking an active approach and connecting with one’s environment can help achieve a better and healthier balance in your life. Walk and talk therapy sessions usually will occur outside on the property at our Hall St. location weather permitting. Sessions may also occur within the building at Hall St. as there are many open spaces and walkways to explore. When we are on walks therapy will take place in the same manner as it would if in the office.

While I always work hard to maintain a high level of confidentiality I cannot fully guarantee that other individuals on the property would not overhear small parts of any conversation as we will be in the public space. However, similar to other public environments, this issue may be easily avoided by simply pausing our conversation while passing others. The goal of walk and talk therapy is to create an alternative experience from the traditional therapy office where the movement of walking can help facilitate the exploration of one’s thoughts, relationships, and emotions while navigating the environment on your feet.